Hamers Group News

Congratulations to Sohil Shah !

Congratulations to Sohil Shah on being named one of three Wisconsin students to receive prestigious Goldwater Scholarships !  Sohil has been doing undergraduate research in the Hamers group since his sophomore year in high school. He is current an undergradate at UW-Madison and is doing research on new approaches to chemical functionalization of nanodiamond. Congratulations, Sohil ! 

Congratulations to Melinda Shearer !

Congratulations to Melinda Shearer on being name an NSF Graduate Research Fellow!  Melinda is a second-year student working collaboratively with the Hamers and Jin groups on spatially resolved studies of charge transfer at heterojunctions. Congratulations, Melinda !!

Hamers group gets SEED grant funding

The Hamers group is named as one of the first recipients of funding under Wisconsin's new State Economic Engagement and Development Program, which provides funding to UW entrepreneurs to perform basic research of potential benefit to startup companies they have founded.

Just published ! A new way to reduce CO2 to CO, using solvated electrons!

Reduction of CO2 by direct one-electron activation is extraordinarily difficult because of the −1.9 V reduction potential of CO2.

Congratulations to Linghong Zhang !

Congratulations to Linghong Zhang for being named the 2014 recipient of the Metrohm USA Young Chemist Award!  This award carries at $10,000. prize. Linghong will be recognized at at the upcoming PITTCON in Chicago A press conference will be help Tuesday, March 4th at 4 PM in Banquet Room S105D Click here to see the formal announcement.

Bob Hamers' startup company, Silatronix, featured in the news

Bob Hamers' startup company, Silatronix, Inc. was featured on the front page of the Feb. 2, 2014 Wisconsin State Journal Business section. Click here for an abbreviated on-line version of the article.  Silatronix was founded in 2007 by Prof. Hamers and a colleague, Prof.

Congratulations to Dr. Yoe Yeager!

Congratulations to Dr. Joe ("Yoe") Yeager, who successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis on July 26th and has accepted a position at Smith College.

Congratulations to Dr. Yizheng Tan !

Congratulations to Dr. Yizheng Tan !  Yizheng defended her Ph.D. thesis on June 20th and has accepted a postdoc position with Dr. Delia Milliron at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.