Undergraduate Students in the Hamers Group

  Yujue Wang
  Ailin Mao
  Connor Firth
Jesse Pankamo

Jesse Pankamo (2012)

Synthesis of Novel Surface Binding Ligands

Shaoyang Wang

Shaoyang Wang (2012)

University of Wisconsin-Madison

"Click" Chemistry on Metal Oxide Surfaces

Currently (2012): Undergrad student, UW-Madison

Allison Cardiel (2011)

Carleton College

Formation of Dyadic Nanoparticle Assemblies by Click Chemistry

Currently (2012): 4rd year undergraduate at Carleton College

Christine Ferng

Christine Ferng  (2009-2011)


Protein Binding at Diamond Surfaces

Currently: Graduated May, 2011

Andrew Ma

Andrew Ma (2009)


Becca Putans

Rebecca ("Becca") Putans  (2009)

Albion College

Formation of metal oxide nanostructures

Currently: Ph.D. student, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Hamers group.

Alex Huhn

Alex Huhn (2009-2011)


Growth of ZnO and SnO2 Nanowires

Currently: Undergraduate student, UW-Madison

Jaritza Gomez

Jaritza Gomez (2009)

University of Puerto Rico - Cayey

Surface Functionalization of ZnO Nanocrystals

Currently: Graduate Student, UW-Madison

Recipient of an NSF Graduate Fellowship


Paresh Agarwal

Paresh Agarwal (2005)

Currently: Ph..D. Candidate, University of California- Berkeley, group of Carolyn Bertozzi.


Sean C. Andrews (2006)

Current: Ph.D. Candidate, University of California-Berkeley, group of Peidong Yang.

Ernest Darkoh-Ampem (B.S. 1993)

M.D,  Harvard

Currently: Runs a major anti-HIV program in Botswana

Read about Ernest in On Wisconsin (2007)

and  Global Health Champions (PBS)