Ph.D Graduates from the Hamers Group


44. Dr. Di Zhu (Ph.D., Materials Chemistry, 2014)

Thesis title: Photoelectorn emission from diamond

Current position: Power Environmental Energy  Research Institute (PEERI)

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43. Dr. Becca Putans (Ph.D., Materials Chemistry, 2014)

Thesis title: Functionalization of Nanomaterial Surfaces for Light-harvesting and Nanotoxicology Applications

Currently: 3M Corp.

Photo: Michelle Cooperrider Benson (left), Becca Putans (center), Kacie Louis (right)

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42. Dr. Caroline English (Ph.D., Materials Chemistry, 2014)

Thesis title:

Currently: Senior Process Engineer, Intel Corp.

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41. Dr. Joseph Yeager (Ph.D., Physical Chemistry, 2013)

Thesis title: Interaction of Organosilicon Electrolytes with Silicon Anodes

Currently: Dept. of Chemistry, Smith College

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40. Dr. Yizeng Tan (Ph.D., Materials Chemistry, 2013)

Thesis title: Optical and Electronic Studies of Photostability and Charge Dynamics

Currently: Researcher, Postdoctoral research with  Dr. Delia Milliron at  the University of Texas-Austin

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39. Dr. Michelle Benson (Ph.D., Materials Chemistry, 2013)

Thesis title: Assembly of charge-transferring heterojunctions using “click” chemistry

Currently: Research Integrity Specialist, Columbia University

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38. Dr. Kacie Louis (Ph. D., Physical Chemistry, 2012)

Thesis title: Surface functionalization of TiO2 Nanoparticles: Photo-stability and Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) Generation

Currently: Akzo Nobel Corporation

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37. Dr. Xin Chen, (Ph.D., Physical Chemistry, 2012)

Thesis title: Chemistry at the Organosilicon-based Electrolyte/electrode Interface in Lithium-ion Batteries

Currently: Researcher, SABIC


36. Dr.  Rose Ruther (Ph.D., Materials Chemistry, 2012)

Thesis title: Molecular Intefaces to Electronic Materials

Currently: Center for Green Materials Chemistry, Oregon State University


35. Dr. Ryan Franking (Ph. D., Materials Science Program, 2011)

Thesis title:

Currently: 3M Corporation, Minneapolis, MN


34. Dr. Stephanie Hogendoorn (Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry, 2011)

Thesis title:

Currently: AkzoNobel Surface Chemistry, Brewster, NY

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33. Dr. Xiaoyu Wang (Ph.D. in Materials Chemistry, 2010)

Thesis title:
Mechanistic Study of Photochemical Functionalization on Group IV Semiconductors

Currently: AkzoNobel Surface Chemistry, Brewster, NY

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32. Dr. Elizabeth C. Landis (Ph.D. in Materials Chemistry, 2010)

Thesis title:
Molecular Monolayers for Attaching Electroactive Molecules to Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanofibers

Currently: Harvard University Environmental Fellow, Harvard University

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31. Dr. Divya Goel (Ph.D. in Materials Chemistry, 2009)

Thesis title:
Growth and Assembly of Functionalized Nanomaterials: Using Organic-Inorganic Polymer Hybrid Systems

Currently: Intel Corp. Assembly and Test Technology Development, Chandler, AZ

Email: divya.goel [at]



30. Dr. Andrew Mangham (Ph.D. in Materials Chemistry, 2009)

Thesis title:
Ligand Effects on Semiconductor Nanoparticles in Two Contexts: Self-Assembly and Environmental Stability

Currently: Cree Research

Email: Andrew.Mangham [at]


29. Dr. Bo Li (Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry, 2009)

Thesis title:
Nanowire-Based Chemical / Biological Sensor Fuses

Currently: Principal Analytical Chemist, 3M Innovation, Singapore

Email: davvy_li [at]


28. Dr. Jeremy Streifer (Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry, 2008)

Thesis title:
Photochemical Functionalization of Hydrogen Terminated Silicon Surfaces with Functional Organic Alkenes

Currently: Intel Corporation, Hillsboro, OR

Email: jstreifer [at]


27. Dr. Heesuk Kim (Ph.D. in Materials Chemistry, 2008)

Thesis title:
Chemical Grafting of Molecular and Biomolecular Layers to Compound Semiconductor Surfaces

Currently: Senior Scientist, KIST (Korean Institute of Science and Technology), Seoul, Korea

Email: heesukkim [at]


26. Dr. Bin Sun (Ph.D. in Materials Chemistry, 2007)

Thesis title:
Integration of Carbon-based Materials with Microelectronic & Electromechanical Devices For Biosensing Applications

Currently: Patent Specialist,  Foley & Lardner, San Francisco, CA

Email: binsun2007 [at]

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25. Dr. Lu Shang (Ph.D. in Materials Chemistry, 2007)

Thesis title:
Assemble Nanowires into Novel Biosensor Configurations Using Dielectrophoresis

Currently: Vice President, Guangxi Architecture Design and Research Institute,

Associate Dean, Guangxi Polytechnic of Construction

Email: lu.shang [at]

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24. Dr. Kiu-Yuen Tse (Ph.D. in Materials Chemistry, 2007)

Thesis title:
Electrical Properties of Nano-Structured Carbons in Aqueous and Non-Aqueous Electrolytes

Currently: Senior Research Chemist, 3M Corporate Research, St. Paul, Minnesota

Email: ktse [at]


23. Dr. Kevin Metz (Ph.D. in Materials Chemistry, 2007)

Thesis title:
Synthesis and Applications of Hybrid Nanowires

Currently: Assistant Professor, Albion College, Albion, MI

Email: kevinmmetz [at]

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22. Dr. Sarah Baker (Ph.D. in Materials Chemistry, 2006)

Thesis title:
Synthesis and Functionalization of Carbon Nanotubes and Nanofibers

Currently: Staff Scientist, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Email: baker74 [at]

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21. Dr. Beth Nichols (Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry, 2006)

Thesis title:
Photochemical Functionalization of Diamond

Currently: Research Chemist, Dow Solar Solution, Dow Chemical Company

Email: nichols_bm [at]

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20. Dr. Tami Lasseter Clare (Ph.D. in Materials Chemistry, 2005)

Thesis title:
Functional Monolayers for Direct Electrical Biosensing

Currently: Assistant Professor, Portland State University, Portland, Oregon

Tami's home page at Portland State University

Email: claret [at]

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19. Dr. Kevin Weidkamp (Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry, 2005)

Thesis title:
Surface Chemistry of Pentacene on Clean and Chemically-Modified Si(001)

Currently: Epic Computer Systems, Madison, WI

Email: kpweidkamp [at]


18. Dr. Wensha Yang (Ph.D. in Materials Chemistry, 2005)

Thesis title:
Biologically Modified Diamond Thin Films for Biosensing Applications

Currently: Instructor, Radiation Oncology, Medical School, University of Virginia

Wensha's home page at University of Virginia

Email: wenshayang [at]


17. Dr. Liang Fang (Ph.D. in Materials Chemistry, 2003)

Thesis title:
Attachment of Pi-Conjugated Molecules on Si(001) Surfaces and Application in Molecular and Organic Electronics

Currently: Materials Scientist, Arkema Inc., King of Prussia, PA

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16. Dr. Wei Cai (Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry, 2003)

Thesis title:
Chemical and Biochemical Modification of Silicon Surfaces

Currently: General Manager, General Electric Global Research, Shanghai, China

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15. Dr. Michael Schwartz (Ph.D. in Materials Chemistry, 2003)

Thesis title:
The Role of Dimer Structure in Controlling Organic Reactions on Group IV Surfaces

Currently: Postdoc, University of Colorado, Boulder

schwartz [at]


14. Dr. Christina Hacker (Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry, 2003)

Thesis title:
Optical Characterization of Anisotropic Organic Layers on SI(001) Surfaces

Currently: Staff Scientist, NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology), Gaithersburg, MD

Email: christina.hacker [at]

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13. Dr. Bo Hu (Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry, 2002)

Thesis title:
Chemical and Structural Study at the Interface Between Metal Sulfides and Acids

Currently: General Electric Research and Development, Shanghai, China


12. Dr. Xiaoping Cao (Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry, 2002)

Thesis title:
Interfacial Structure and Bonding of Nitrogen Containing Organic Molecules with Silicon Surfaces

Currently: Senior Principal Scientist, Pfizer Chemical,, New Longdon/Norwich, CT

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11. Dr. Sarah Coulter (Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry, 2001)

Thesis title:
Reactions of Substituted Aromatic Molecules on the Si(001) Surface

Currently: Group Manager, Home Care at Clorox Corporation

Email: sarah [at]

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10. Dr. Molly McGuire (Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry, 2001)

Thesis title: Elemental Sulfur on Oxidized Sulfide Mineral Surfaces

Currently: Associate Professor, Bucknell University

Email: mmcguire [at]


9. Dr. Jennifer Hovis (Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry, 1999)

Thesis title:
Cycloaddition Chemistry on (2x1)-Reconstructed Surfaces

Currently: 496 Analytics, San Francisco Bay Area

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8. Dr. Joel Olson (Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry, 1999, jointly supervised with Professor Art Ellis)

Thesis title:
Microscopic Studies of the (110) Cleaved Surface of CdSe Using a Scanning Tunneling Microscope

Currently: Assistant Professor, Florida Institute of Technology

Email: jolson [at]


7. Dr. Hongbing Liu (Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry, 1998)

Thesis title:
Surface Chemistry of Unsaturated Organic Molecules on Si(001) Surfaces

Currently: CEO at ProMEMS Technologies Corp.

Email: royhliu [at]

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6. Dr. Jun Shan (Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry, 1997)

Thesis title:
A Surface Infrared Spectroscopy Study of Reaction Chemistry During Silicon Chemical Vapor Deposition Processes

Currently: Software Engineer, IBM

Email: Jshan [at]

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5. Dr. Ernest Frank (Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry, 1997)

Thesis title:
Nanoscale Surface Restructuring of Silver Thin Films by Scanning Tunneling Microscopy

Currently: Research Leader, Dow Chemical Company, Charleston, West Virginia


Email: franker [at]

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4. Dr. Xiangxiong ("Harry") Chen (Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry, 1996)

Thesis title:
Direct Imaging of Small Molecules via Cryogenic Scanning Tunneling Microscopy

Currently: Research Scientist at KLA Tencor


3. Dr. Yajun Wang (Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry, 1996)

Thesis title:
Atomic Scale Surface Structural and Chemical Characterization Using STM: Application to Silicon CVD and Doping Processes

Currently: Senior Principal Engineer, Tellabs

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2. Dr. Steve Higgins (Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry, 1996)

Thesis title:
Microscopic Investigations of the Chemical and Electrochemical Reactions at the Galena (PbS)/Water Interface

Currently: Associate Professor, Wright State University

Steven's home page at Wright State

Email: steven.higgins [at]


1. Dr. Marc McEllistrem (Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry, 1993)

Thesis title:
Photovoltaic Effects at Semiconductor Surfaces Probed with STM

Currently: Associate Professor, UW-Eau Claire

Marc's homepage at UWEC

Email: mcellimt [at]


Dr. Dong Chen (Ph.D. in Physics, 1992, spent last 1.5 years of Ph.D. program in Hamers group)

Thesis title:
Surface Chemistry of Disilane on Si(001) Probed with STM

Currently: IBM Corporation