M.S. Graduates from the Hamers Group

Mike McCoy

Mike McCoy, 2010

Mike was studying toward his Ph.D. degree when he passed away suddenly and unexpectedly in May, 2009. He wil be missed by all.

Eve Hindin

Eve Hindin (M.S., Materials Chemistry, 2005)

Currently: Graduate Student, Pharmacy, UW-Madison

Email: eahindin [at] wisc.edu

Mandy Hennip

Mandy Hennip (M.S., Physical Chemistry, 2004)

Ariann Baker

Arianne Baker (M.S., Physical Chemistry, 2004)

Jason Otis

Jason Otis (M.S., Analytical Chemistry, 2003)

Shengqi Xie

Shengqi Xie (M.S., Analytical Chemistry, 2001)

Becky Oliphant

Rebecca Oliphant (M.S., Analytical Chemistry, 2000)


Pat Votruba (M.S., Analytical Chemistry, 1999)

Jiangming Liu

Jiangming Liu (M.S., Analytical Chemistry, 1998)

Currently: Manager of Electronic Quality Systems, Mutual Pharmaceutical Company, Philadelphia, PA.

Mutual Pharmaceutical is the 10th largest generic pharmaceutical company in the U.S.

Email: JLiu [at] URLMUTUAL.com

Magui Cardona

Magui Cardona (M.S., Materials Science, 1998)

Currently: Information Systems Coordinator, Resource Center for Science and Engineering, University of Puerto Rico


Seung ("Bora") Lee (M.S., Analytical Chemistry, 1997)

Mary Hansen

Mary (Smitley) Hansen (M.S., Physical Chemistry, 1996)

Seth Lindberg

Seth Lindberg (M.S., Analytical Chemistry, 1996)

Currently: High School Teacher


Alan McIntyre (M.S., Analytical Chemistry, 1996)


Curt Waltman (M.S., Analytical Chemistry, 1995)


Yaling Wang (M.S., Analytical Chemistry, 1994)

Currently: Merck & Co.


Brian Cousins (M.S., Analytical Chemistry, 1992)