Hamers group reunion at the ACS National Meeting

Some current and past Hamers group members met at the ACS National Meeting in San Diego to help celebrate Bob's winning of the ACS National Award in Colloid and Surface Chemistry. 


Shown from left to right are:  Lee Bishop (postdoc), Michelle Benson (Ph.D. 2013 ?), Bob Hamers,  Kacie Louis (Ph.D. 2012), Molly McGuire (Ph.D. 2001, now at Bucknell University), Christina Hacker (Ph.D. 2004, now at NIST), Allie Cardiel (REU student 2011, Carleton College), and Sarah Coulter (Ph.D. 2001, now at Clorox Corp.). Also present was Kevin Metz (Ph.D. 2007, now at Albion College).