Environmental impact of nanomaterials

Newly published research shows that nanoscale  "NMC", a newly commercialized cathode material, can adversely impact the soil bacterium Shewanella oneidensis. with implications for understanding the environmental impact of Li-ion batteries.  A press release prepared by UW-Madison and a television story on Fox 9 - Minneapolis tell the story. 

The work was spearheaded by  UW-Madison grad student  Mimi Hang  and Univ. of Minnesota grad student Ian Gunsolus (Mimi and Ian were co-first authors), UW-Madison grad student Eric Melby, and REU student Hunter Hayland (now in the Ph.D. program at U. Alabama).  These students are co-advised by CSN faculty Bob Hamers, Christy Haynes, and Joel Pedersen. The paper itself is available open-source at this link