Chemistry 628: Electronics for Scientists

This site is for chemistry 628, a graduate-level course in electronics and instrumentation intended for students in chemistry, physics, and engineering. The focus of the course is on the fundamentals of electronics measurement and signal processing (transducers, amplification, filtering, digitization, homodyne/heterodyne methods) as commonly employed in scientific measurements and instruments.  For students currently taking the course, you may find notes and additional materials about the laboratory on the learn@UW site.  This site is provided for the benefit of those who aren't able to take the course but would like to learn about electronics as related to instrumentation for scientific research.


TINA:  A free Windows-based numerical circuit simulator tool, from Texas Instruments. Be sure to download the simulation program and the "Getting Started" guide.

Op Amps for Everyone, by Ray Mancini (Texas Instruments). This is an outstanding, free publication about op-amps.



Jan. 23: Resistance, Capacitance, and Inductance  (also includes Thevenin's Theorem and Kirchoff's Laws)

Jan. 28: Problem Set #1

Jan. 28: Input and Output Impedances

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