Chem630: Chemistry of Inorganic Materials

Welcome to Chemistry 630, "Chemistry of Inorganic Materials" !  

This class will focus on understanding the electronic and optical properties of inorganic materials, how they are characterized, and how the properties impact practical applications. Examples will be taken from contemporary problems in chemistry, particularly problems related to renewable energy and microelectronics.  As part of this course, you will understand the following topics:

  • The electronic structure of solids and how to to translate between the chemistry (bonds, quantum numbers) pictures and the physics (bands, momentum vector) pictures.
  • How dimensionality affects electronic properties: quantum dots (0D) , polyacetylene (1D), graphene(2D),  nanotubes (1.5D), and bulk materials (3D)
  • Infrared and optical properties of solid materials 
  • How atomic structure impacts electrical, optical, and mechanical properties of solids and how these impact the use of materials in practical applications in technology such as microelectronics, optics, and renewable energy.
  • How materials are characterized by electrons, x-rays, visble/UV, Raman, and infrared spectroscopies.