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Hamers RJ. Immobilization of biomolecules at semiconductor surfaces. In: Tao F, Bernasek S. Functionalization of semiconductor surfaces. J. Wiley and Sons; 2011.
Hamers RJ, Wang X, Franking R, Ruther R, Stavis CS. Infrared spectroscopy for characterization of biomolecular interfaces. In: Pradier CM, Chabal Y. Biointerface characterization by advanced IR spectroscopy. Elsevier Press; 2011.
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Bonnell D. Tunneling Spectroscopy. In Scanning Tunneling Microscopy. VCH Publishers; 1993.
Conference Proceedings
Tromp R, Vanloenen EJ, Hamers RJ, Demuth JE. Scanning tunneling microscopy of semiconductor surfaces and interfaces. Second international conference on the structure of surfaces. 1987.
Journal Article
Alerhand OL, Berker AN, Joannopoulos JD, Vanderbilt D, Hamers RJ, Demuth JE. 1ST-ORDER TRANSITIONS BETWEEN SURFACE PHASES WITH DIFFERENT STEP STRUCTURES - REPLY. Physical Review Letters [Internet]. 1991;66:962-962. <Go to ISI>://A1991EX57800035
Bronikowski MJ, Wang YJ, McEllistrem MT, Chen D, Hamers RJ. ADSORPTION AND DISSOCIATION OF DISILANE ON SI(001) STUDIED BY STM. Surface Science [Internet]. 1993;298:50-62. <Go to ISI>://A1993ML07900013
Shan J, Wang YJ, Hamers RJ. Adsorption and dissociation of phosphine on Si(001). Journal of Physical Chemistry [Internet]. 1996;100:4961-4969. <Go to ISI>://A1996UB16200041
Schwartz MP, Barlow DE, Russell JN, Butler JE, D'Evelyn MP, Hamers RJ. Adsorption of acrylonitrile on diamond and silicon (001)-(2 x 1) surfaces: Effects of dimer structure on reaction pathways and product distributions. Journal of the American Chemical Society [Internet]. 2005;127:8348-8354. <Go to ISI>://000229751100042
Ellison MD, Hamers RJ. Adsorption of phenyl isothiocyanate on Si(001): A 1,2-dipolar surface addition reaction. Journal of Physical Chemistry B [Internet]. 1999;103:6243-6251. <Go to ISI>://000081813700013
Chen XX, Frank ER, Hamers RJ. ADSORPTION OF SULFUR AND 1,3-BUTANEDIOL ON SILVER THIN-FILMS USING ATOMIC RESOLUTION-REDUCED-TEMPERATURE SCANNING-TUNNELING-MICROSCOPY. Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology a-Vacuum Surfaces and Films [Internet]. 1994;12:2091-2096. <Go to ISI>://A1994NZ03200052
Zhu D, Bandy JA, Li S, Hamers RJ. Amino-terminated diamond surfaces: Photoelectron emission and photocatalytic properties. Surface Science [Internet]. 2016;: - . http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0039602816000091
Zhang XW, Meng F, Mao S, Ding Q, Shearer MJ, Faber MS, et al. Amorphous MoSxCly electrocatalyst supported by vertical graphene for efficient electrochemical and photoelectrochemical hydrogen generation. Energy & Environmental Science [Internet]. 2015;8:862-868. <Go to ISI>://WOS:000352274600011
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Morin SA, La YH, Liu CC, Streifer JA, Hamers RJ, Nealey PF, et al. Assembly of Nanocrystal Arrays by Block-Copolymer-Directed Nucleation. Angewandte Chemie-International Edition [Internet]. 2009;48:2135-2139. <Go to ISI>://000264411800017
Tromp RM, Hamers RJ, Demuth JE. ATOMIC AND ELECTRONIC CONTRIBUTIONS TO SI(111)-(7X7) SCANNING-TUNNELING-MICROSCOPY IMAGES. Physical Review B [Internet]. 1986;34:1388-1391. <Go to ISI>://A1986D348400126
Hamers RJ, Markert K. ATOMICALLY RESOLVED CARRIER RECOMBINATION AT SI(111)-(7X7) SURFACES. Physical Review Letters [Internet]. 1990;64:1051-1054. <Go to ISI>://A1990CQ14100018
Bronikowski MJ, Hamers RJ. ATOMICALLY RESOLVED SCANNING-TUNNELING-MICROSCOPY STUDY OF THE ADSORPTION AND DISSOCIATION OF METHYLCHLORIDE ON SI(001). Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology a-Vacuum Surfaces and Films [Internet]. 1995;13:777-781. <Go to ISI>://A1995RD76600054
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Gonzalez-Moreno R, Cook PL, Zegkinoglou I, Liu XS, Johnson PS, Yang WL, et al. Attachment of Protoporphyrin Dyes to Nanostructured ZnO Surfaces: Characterization by Near Edge X-ray Absorption Fine Structure Spectroscopy. Journal of Physical Chemistry C. 2011;115:18195-18201.
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