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Zhu D, Zhang L, Ruther RE, Hamers RJ. Photo-illuminated diamond as a solid-state source of solvated electrons in water for nitrogen reduction. Nat Mater [Internet]. 6AD;advance online publication. http://dx.doi.org/10.1038/nmat3696
Zhu D, Bandy JA, Li S, Hamers RJ. Amino-terminated diamond surfaces: Photoelectron emission and photocatalytic properties. Surface Science [Internet]. 2016;: - . http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0039602816000091
Zhu D, Zhang L, Ruther RE, Hamers RJ. Photo-illuminated diamond as a solid-state source of solvated electrons in water for nitrogen reduction. Nature Materials. 2013;advance online publication.
Zhang LH, Zhu D, Nathanson GM, Hamers RJ. Selective Photoelectrochemical Reduction of Aqueous CO2 to CO by Solvated Electrons. Angewandte Chemie-International Edition [Internet]. 2014;53:9746-+. <Go to ISI>://WOS:000342678200001
Zhang XW, Meng F, Mao S, Ding Q, Shearer MJ, Faber MS, et al. Amorphous MoSxCly electrocatalyst supported by vertical graphene for efficient electrochemical and photoelectrochemical hydrogen generation. Energy & Environmental Science [Internet]. 2015;8:862-868. <Go to ISI>://WOS:000352274600011
Zhang HZ, Penn RL, Hamers RJ, Banfield JF. Enhanced adsorption of molecules on surfaces of nanocrystalline particles. Journal of Physical Chemistry B [Internet]. 1999;103:4656-4662. <Go to ISI>://000080702600014
Zhang LS, Roy SS, Hamers RJ, Arnold MS, Andrew TL. Molecular Orientation-Dependent Interfacial Energetics and Built-in Voltage Tuned by a Template Graphene Monolayer. Journal of Physical Chemistry C [Internet]. 2015;119(1):45-54. <Go to ISI>://WOS:000347744700007
Zhang LZ, Lyons L, Newhouse J, Zhang ZC, Straughan M, Chen ZH, et al. Synthesis and characterization of alkylsilane ethers with oligo(ethylene oxide) substituents for safe electrolytes in lithium-ion batteries. Journal of Materials Chemistry [Internet]. 2010;20:8224-8226. <Go to ISI>://000282006900004
Zhang LS, Roy SS, English CR, Hamers RJ, Arnold MS, Andrew TL. Observing Electron Extraction by Mono layer Graphene Using Time-Resolved Surface Photoresponse Measurements. ACS Nano [Internet]. 2015;9(3):2510-2517. <Go to ISI>://WOS:000351791800027
Zegkinoglou I, Cook PL, Johnson PS, Yang W, Guo J, Pickup D, et al. Electronic Structure of Diamond Surfaces Functionalized by Ru(tpy)2. Journal of Physical Chemistry C. 2012;.
Yao SA, Ruther RE, Zhang LH, Franking RA, Hamers RJ, Berry JF. Covalent Attachment of Catalyst Molecules to Conductive Diamond: CO2 Reduction Using "Smart" Electrodes. Journal of the American Chemical Society [Internet]. 2012;134:15632-15635. <Go to ISI>://WOS:000309099700005
Yang WS, Butler JE, Russell JN, Hamers RJ. Direct electrical detection of antigen-antibody binding on diamond and silicon substrates using electrical impedance spectroscopy. Analyst [Internet]. 2007;132:296-306. <Go to ISI>://000245241200003
Yang SP, Bar-Ilan O, Peterson RE, Heideman W, Hamers RJ, Pedersen JA. Influence of Humic Acid on Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticle Toxicity to Developing Zebrafish. Environmental Science & Technology. 2013;47:4718-4725.
Yang WS, Hamers RJ. Fabrication and characterization of a biologically sensitive field-effect transistor using a nanocrystalline diamond thin film. Applied Physics Letters [Internet]. 2004;85:3626-3628. <Go to ISI>://000224658100096
Yang WS, Auciello O, Butler JE, Cai W, Carlisle JA, Gerbi J, et al. DNA-modified nanocrystalline diamond thin-films as stable, biologically active substrates. Nature Materials [Internet]. 2002;1:253-257. <Go to ISI>://000181498800024
Yang WS, Butler JE, Russell JN, Hamers RJ. Interfacial electrical properties of DNA-modified diamond thin films: Intrinsic response and hybridization-induced field effects. Langmuir [Internet]. 2004;20:6778-6787. <Go to ISI>://000223066700040
Yang WS, Baker SE, Butler JE, Lee CS, Russell JN, Shang L, et al. Electrically addressable biomolecular functionalization of conductive nanocrystalline diamond thin films. Chemistry of Materials [Internet]. 2005;17:938-940. <Go to ISI>://000227421300004
Xiong W, Laaser JE, Paoprasert P, Franking RA, Hamers RJ, Gopalan P, et al. Transient 2D IR Spectroscopy of Charge Injection in Dye-Sensitized Nanocrystalline Thin Films. Journal of the American Chemical Society [Internet]. 2009;131:18040-+. <Go to ISI>://000273615400015
Wiecinski PN, Metz KM, Mangham AN, Jacobson KH, Hamers RJ, Pedersen JA. Gastrointestinal biodurability of engineered nanoparticles: Development of an in vitro assay. Nanotoxicology [Internet]. 2009;3:202-U66. <Go to ISI>://000274526400007
Wiecinski PN, Metz KM, Heiden TCK, Louis KM, Mangham AN, Hamers RJ, et al. Toxicity of Oxidatively Degraded Quantum Dots to Developing Zebrafish (Danio rerio). Environmental Science & Technology [Internet]. 2013;47:9132-9139. <Go to ISI>://WOS:000323471700018
Weidkamp KP, Afzali A, Tromp RM, Hamers RJ. A photopatternable pentacene precursor for use in organic thin-film transistors. Journal of the American Chemical Society [Internet]. 2004;126:12740-12741. <Go to ISI>://000224357700015
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Wang XY, Landis EC, Franking R, Hamers RJ. Surface Chemistry for Stable and Smart Molecular and Biomolecular Interfaces via Photochemical Grafting of Alkenes. Accounts of Chemical Research [Internet]. 2010;43:1205-1215. <Go to ISI>://000282041600004
Wang YJ, Hamers RJ. BORON-INDUCED RECONSTRUCTIONS OF SI(001) INVESTIGATED BY SCANNING-TUNNELING-MICROSCOPY. Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology a-Vacuum Surfaces and Films [Internet]. 1995;13:1431-1437. <Go to ISI>://A1995RD76700039
Wang YJ, Bronikowski MJ, Hamers RJ. DIRECT DIMER-BY-DIMER IDENTIFICATION OF CLEAN AND MONOHYDRIDE DIMERS ON THE SI(001) SURFACE BY SCANNING-TUNNELING-MICROSCOPY. Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology a-Vacuum Surfaces and Films [Internet]. 1994;12:2051-2057. <Go to ISI>://A1994NZ03200045
Wang XY, Ruther RE, Streifer JA, Hamers RJ. UV-Induced Grafting of Alkenes to Silicon Surfaces: Photoemission versus Excitons. Journal of the American Chemical Society [Internet]. 2010;132:4048-+. <Go to ISI>://000276009500009
Wang X, Colavita PE, Metz KM, Butler JE, Hamers RJ. Direct photopatterning and SEM Imaging of molecular monolayers on diamond surfaces: Mechanistic insights into UV-Initiated molecular grafting. Langmuir [Internet]. 2007;23:11623-11630. <Go to ISI>://000250584500047
Wang YJ, Shan J, Hamers RJ. Combined scanning tunneling microscopy and infrared spectroscopy study of the interaction of diborane with Si(001). Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B [Internet]. 1996;14:1038-1042. <Go to ISI>://A1996UH89000091
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Wang YJ, Bronikowski MJ, Hamers RJ. AN ATOMICALLY RESOLVED SCANNING-TUNNELING-MICROSCOPY STUDY OF THE THERMAL-DECOMPOSITION OF DISILANE ON SI(001). Surface Science [Internet]. 1994;311:64-100. <Go to ISI>://A1994NL43100017
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Uhlrich JJ, Franking R, Hamers RJ, Kuech TF. Sulfide Treatment of ZnO Single Crystals and Nanorods and the Effect on P3HT-ZnO Photovoltaic Device Properties. Journal of Physical Chemistry C [Internet]. 2009;113:21147-21154. <Go to ISI>://000272560400019
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Tse KY, Zhang LZ, Baker SE, Nichols BM, West R, Hamers RJ. Vertically aligned carbon nanofibers coupled with organosilicon electrolytes: Electrical properties of a high-stability nanostructured electrochemical interface. Chemistry of Materials [Internet]. 2007;19:5734-5741. <Go to ISI>://000250803900037
Tsao JY, Chason E, Koehler U, Hamers R. DIMER STRINGS, ANISOTROPIC GROWTH, AND PERSISTENT LAYER-BY-LAYER EPITAXY. Physical Review B [Internet]. 1989;40:11951-11954. <Go to ISI>://A1989CE11400065