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Tromp R, Vanloenen EJ, Hamers RJ, Demuth JE. Scanning tunneling microscopy of semiconductor surfaces and interfaces. Second international conference on the structure of surfaces. 1987.
Tromp RM, Vanloenen EJ, Hamers RJ, Demuth JE. Scanning tunneling microscopy of semiconductor surfaces and interfaces. In The Structure of Surfaces II. 1988.
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Wang YJ, Bronikowski MJ, Hamers RJ. AN ATOMICALLY RESOLVED STM STUDY OF THE INTERACTION OF PHOSPHINE WITH THE SILICON(001) SURFACE. Journal of Physical Chemistry [Internet]. 1994;98:5966-5973. <Go to ISI>://A1994NQ72500025
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Wang YJ, Hamers RJ, Kaxiras E. ATOMIC-STRUCTURE AND BONDING OF BORON-INDUCED RECONSTRUCTIONS ON SI(001). Physical Review Letters [Internet]. 1995;74:403-406. <Go to ISI>://A1995QB16400017
Wang YJ, Bronikowski MJ, Hamers RJ. AN ATOMICALLY RESOLVED SCANNING-TUNNELING-MICROSCOPY STUDY OF THE THERMAL-DECOMPOSITION OF DISILANE ON SI(001). Surface Science [Internet]. 1994;311:64-100. <Go to ISI>://A1994NL43100017
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Wang YJ, Bronikowski MJ, Hamers RJ. DIRECT DIMER-BY-DIMER IDENTIFICATION OF CLEAN AND MONOHYDRIDE DIMERS ON THE SI(001) SURFACE BY SCANNING-TUNNELING-MICROSCOPY. Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology a-Vacuum Surfaces and Films [Internet]. 1994;12:2051-2057. <Go to ISI>://A1994NZ03200045
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Weidkamp KP, Afzali A, Tromp RM, Hamers RJ. A photopatternable pentacene precursor for use in organic thin-film transistors. Journal of the American Chemical Society [Internet]. 2004;126:12740-12741. <Go to ISI>://000224357700015
Weidkamp KP, Tromp RM, Hamers RJ. Epitaxial growth of large pentacene crystals on Si(001) surfaces functionalized with molecular monolayers. Journal of Physical Chemistry C [Internet]. 2007;111:16489-16497. <Go to ISI>://000250647000059
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Wiecinski PN, Metz KM, Heiden TCK, Louis KM, Mangham AN, Hamers RJ, et al. Toxicity of Oxidatively Degraded Quantum Dots to Developing Zebrafish (Danio rerio). Environmental Science & Technology [Internet]. 2013;47:9132-9139. <Go to ISI>://WOS:000323471700018
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Xiong W, Laaser JE, Paoprasert P, Franking RA, Hamers RJ, Gopalan P, et al. Transient 2D IR Spectroscopy of Charge Injection in Dye-Sensitized Nanocrystalline Thin Films. Journal of the American Chemical Society [Internet]. 2009;131:18040-+. <Go to ISI>://000273615400015
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Zhang LH, Zhu D, Nathanson GM, Hamers RJ. Selective Photoelectrochemical Reduction of Aqueous CO2 to CO by Solvated Electrons. Angewandte Chemie-International Edition [Internet]. 2014;53:9746-+. <Go to ISI>://WOS:000342678200001
Zhang XW, Meng F, Mao S, Ding Q, Shearer MJ, Faber MS, et al. Amorphous MoSxCly electrocatalyst supported by vertical graphene for efficient electrochemical and photoelectrochemical hydrogen generation. Energy & Environmental Science [Internet]. 2015;8:862-868. <Go to ISI>://WOS:000352274600011
Zhang LS, Roy SS, Hamers RJ, Arnold MS, Andrew TL. Molecular Orientation-Dependent Interfacial Energetics and Built-in Voltage Tuned by a Template Graphene Monolayer. Journal of Physical Chemistry C [Internet]. 2015;119(1):45-54. <Go to ISI>://WOS:000347744700007
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Zhu D, Zhang L, Ruther RE, Hamers RJ. Photo-illuminated diamond as a solid-state source of solvated electrons in water for nitrogen reduction. Nat Mater [Internet]. 6AD;advance online publication. http://dx.doi.org/10.1038/nmat3696